Sunday, March 15, 2009

Little Rice Bags Round 2

On Friday March 6th, I taught my lesson on "Little Rice Bags" for the second time and I think it went really well. I felt much more relaxed, confident, in control and really enjoyed teaching the lesson. This time around I started the lesson so I was able to initiate an Instant Activity which I thought went awesome because I started off with a "teaching by invitation" and by the looks of it, the class really enjoyed the game. I also hit a lot of the points I missed the first time like my introduction, signals of attention, safety statements and teaching by invitation. I experienced some behavioral problems during my lesson when one student was throwing the bags off the wall instead of using the equipment appropriately. I thought I did a decent job of solving the problem because I didn't let it disturb the rest of the class too much. I wish I noticed the problem earlier and after asking the individual to stop I should have stood next to her for a while because once I turned my back she did it again. After creating a Time Coding Sheet for this lesson, I noticed the amount of management time I used was too much but the other categories were on task. Overall I was happy with the lesson and really enjoyed teaching. Even when I heard about the things I can improve on I was happy to hear them because they will make me a better teacher.

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