Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting Outside on a Beautiful Day, Being Active and Making Money!

Today, Junior and I decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful 65 degree weather and sunny skies! We took a short 15 minute drive to Dwyer Park in Little York, NY which is just after Homer, NY. Dwyer is a great park with all sorts to do for people to get out and be active and enjoy the company of friends and family. There's playgrounds, a lake, a ball field, basketball hoops, walking paths, tons of BBQ's, a few pavilions, a bunch of fire pits and loads of space to be active. I had no idea such a nice place existed which goes to show you that there is probably more ways to be active than you think. You just need to do some searching and talk to your local parks and recreation people.
While at the park we did a few activities. We went exploring by going for a short run with a few races mixed in. We played on the play grounds and swings and tossed the Frisbee around. Then Junior mentioned he would like to pick up some cans so he can return them and get money from recycling. We talked about how its good to get the money, recycling helps the environment, and he can be active by going for walks as he is searching. Lastly we went over cleanliness matters and made sure we sanitized our hands. At the end of the day, Junior said, "Nick I really had fun today!" It was great to hear him say that and I look forward to heading back to Dwyer Park in Little York some day in the future, I might bring my family there after graduation in a few weeks.

Teaching to His Interests

It is very apparent that Junior loves video games. Every time we meet he is telling me about what he did in his "Meet the Robinsons" game and he asks me if we can play it together. I have to encourage him to try and be active instead of sitting in front of the TV playing games. By setting up activities for Junior to do, I am able to get him to increase his activity levels. However, I get the feeling that when he is home, he isn't taking the initiative to be active. He tells me he has been doing his push-ups, lunges, crunches, squats and other calisthenics at home but I'm not too convinced.
Therefore I am giving him more opportunities to be active with video games through "xbox kinect!" I can see him getting his hands on a Kinect system in the future through some kind of present because he already has a bunch of games. He really enjoys playing the Kinect so I think this will be a great source of activity for him in the future. We were playing Kinect Adventures and he was really enjoying the raft game and this bubble popping game which got him moving his whole body as you can see in the video clip below. The Exergames really get Junior moving and I asked him if he could feel his pulse increasing from when he was resting to when he was playing and he could feel his heart rate speeding up! Since this is an activity he really enjoys and can increase his fitness I am going to encourage him to continue. He can also play these games with his peers which would be a great addition of social interaction.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Junior Wins!!!

Practice is surely paying off as Junior outscored me 115 to 99 yesterday at the 281 bowling alley. As I struggled Junior was showing me how to bowl as he averaged 8 or 9 pins on every frame! We had a great day and it was nice to finally get to bowl at the 281 Bowling alley, Juniors favorite bowling alley. Although the technology may be a little older than Cort-lanes, the shoes and bowling balls are much better. The shoes were much nicer and there were several light weight bowling balls for children and those who lack muscular strength to use. It was definitely our best day bowling and Junior was keeping up with good form with small reminders!
We tried to meet last week but Junior was feeling a little ill which he said was caused by the heat. I planned on taking him to the "Taste of the Caribbean" celebration on campus for a free dinner and then bowling. Junior said he would try but when we got to the "Taste of the Caribbean" Junior wanted no part of it. I was trying to explain to him how we could learn something new about another culture and get some free food which sounded excellent to me but once we got there Junior wanted to leave instantly. Now I know some situations may be difficult for an individual with autism but I had to stand my ground. Junior first told me he felt sick and wanted to leave. Then he said he wanted to go bowling. I told him if he was feeling too sick to learn about this culture for ten minutes he is too sick to go bowling. I gave him several chances to think and make sure that he wanted to go home because he felt sick but I refused to give in and just take him bowling because he wanted to. I have caught him in a few lies in the past and I wanted to demonstrate to him that I will not be manipulated. We decided to go home and meet again on Sunday. That is when we went bowling and we had a great day so sometimes you will experience some difficulties but patience and persistence pays off!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Horseback Riding aka Hippotherapy is a Big Time Hit!

This past weekend, Strawberry Fields Ranch in Cortland, NY held a fundraiser encouraging individuals with disabilities to come out and enjoy Hippotherapy. The American Hippotherapy Association Inc. (AHA, Inc.) promotes the use of the movement of the horse as a treatment strategy in physical, occupational and speech-language therapy sessions for people living with disabilities. Hippotherapy has been shown to improve muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor development as well as emotional well-being. For only $10 Junior and I attended the event in which we played some barn games, made some arts and crafts, enjoyed some snacks, and Junior spent about 45 minutes riding horses!

Junior has never experienced anything like he did at Strawberry Fields and he absolutely loved it. We played kickball in the barn, ran some relay races, made a sign for his room and then things really took off when he was able to ride two different horses. Junior enjoyed playing with his peers and doing something he has never done before. He claimed he was "a little scared" as he was quickly jumping on the horse but seconds later he was saying how he wanted to go fast! Junior learned some terms to control the two horses Max and Danny such as a clicking sound from the mouth to signal "go" and saying "woah" to signal "stop!" Junior was able to pet the horses, feed them carrots and he even gave them some hugs and kisses. As you can tell from the pictures, Junior had an absolute blast. His love for animals truly shows and all the students who got on the horses proved how beneficial hippotherapy is.

In the future, I strongly recommend for other mentors to bring their mentee's to the program. The staff at Strawberry Fields absolutely loved how the day went and they mentioned that they wouldn't mind doing something like this twice a year!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bowling Progress is Opening New Doors!

Yesterday was definitely one of our better sessions! I am seeing consistently huge progress in his bowling technique. We finally received permission for Junior to use the Fitness Facility at SUNY Cortland which Junior has really been looking forward to. I told him straightforward that if we get some efficient bowling practice in first, we will get into the weight room. Instantly Junior was on the ball. He could tell me all the cues for our form, "palm up, stepping with opposition, and release low!" Not only could he recite the cues but he executed the skill with all 3 critical elements on our modified bowling alley in the racquetball courts. We spent about 25 minutes practicing bowling and then we moved onto the weight room which Junior was really looking forward to as you can see with his face of intensity on the exercise bike!

Before entering the weight room I had to talk to Junior about rules including safety, etiquette, cleanliness, intensity and progression. We started off on the bike to warm up nice an easy for 6 minutes. Then we moved onto the elliptical since he was ready to increase his intensity and work on his cardiovascular endurance. After about 5 minutes of work and a push to give me 1 minute of a cool down speed, we were going to move onto some lifting. We worked on the shoulder press, triceps extensions and some biceps curls. Compared to other average 15 year old males, Junior is a lot smaller and is lacking muscular strength and endurance so we had to start very light. I was able to get Junior to agree that we should be focusing on form, more than the weight being lifted.

He became fatigued very easily so I think he is starting to see how much he can improve. The struggle we have to overcome is the fact that he is not used to being physically active. While we are being active, he frequently tells me how he doesn't like getting hot, he doesn't like to sweat, and when he actually starts feeling his muscles working, he thinks his leg or arm fell asleep. He clearly demonstrates a lack of physical activity but Junior can improve by starting out small and progressively moving up the intensity ladder. Our Project Dream goal was to bowl a turkey so we are continually working on that and Junior is definitely making progress, but I am also trying to expose him to other forms of activity so he can find one that is right for him where he will pursue it on his own! I am able to show him with bowling that he can improve when he puts the effort in as he has showed already! My goal is for Junior to realize that he can open his own new doors and be actively successful by putting in the time and effort!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PE Teachers Need to Adapt

Many PE teachers are aware that they need to be able to adapt. On a daily basis, lessons are probably not going to run as planned. On Saturday, Junior and I planned on going to the SPCA to walk some dogs. Junior really enjoys playing with animals. Junior has never run around as much as when we were walking the dog Woody. Saturday also turned out to be the nicest day of the Spring semester so far so it was a perfect opportunity to get outside and be active with some dogs.

However, when we got to the SPCA there weren't any dogs, what a total bummer! We definitely wanted to be outside so I quickly thought on my feet and we decided to take about a 2 mile jog/walk to the waterworks and feed the ducks and deer. Once we got to the waterworks I really noticed how much Junior enjoys being around animals. He was having a blast and laughing the entire time as we threw some crackers to the ducks. He talks about his pet bird all the time, loves walking the dogs, and really enjoyed our walk to the Waterworks pond.

Fortunately there is a fundraiser at Strawberry Fields Ranch on Sunday April 17th! At the fundraiser participants can get pony rides and interact with the horses so I am extremely excited for Junior. I don't think he has ever had an opportunity like this and I think he is really going to enjoy it. He has told me he is excited but slightly scared about riding a horse so I am interested in how things will turn out. I am believe Junior will get up on a horse even if he is nervous at first. Junior has really enjoyed working with animals in the past although they have been on a smaller scale. I am really excited for Junior to experience this opportunity and to see how the day unfolds.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Experiencing a Teachable Moment

During my preparation as a Physical Education Teacher Candidate, I learn countless lessons about events that will occur in my future profession. Many of my teachers use the term "teachable moments" when events occurs and we can learn from them for the future. One of the lessons I have learned is that events occurring outside of school, specifically at home, can have an effect on how students behave during lessons. It is important to know this so teachers don't jump to conclusions when trying to figure out student behavior. Luckily, I was told by Junior's mother about some events occurring at home, so I was informed. I was expecting Junior to not act like his usual self because of the changes at home.
A term to describe how Junior was acting would be "Frazzled." He was having a hard time focusing on what I was saying and was even asking me questions like it was the first time we met when we have been together for over 7 weeks now. We went bowling and at first it seemed like we had lost our progress we made since the beginning of Project Dream. Since I knew what was going, I gave him some more leniency than normal. He started out bowling with the ball between his legs and didn't want to hear any of my tips.Then after a few frames he started to listen better after I expressed to him that I was beginning to get disappointed because I know he can do better and he wanted to prove it to me. He started to bowl just like the way we have been working on with the ball on the right side of his body, fingers in the bowling ball holes, and holding the ball with his palm up!The best part was that as he was using the form I was teaching him, his score increased and his last few frames he bowled a 9,7,9 and a spare in the tenth frame. His last 4 frames were his best I have ever seen him bowl! I was happy to see what I was teaching Junior was being reinforced by his score!By being patient and persistent I was able to help Junior succeed. The process was a lot easier and less stressful since I knew about the other events in his life that were occurring recently. At first I was a bit nervous that we were going to have a rough night but I thought about what I have been learning about in Cortland's Phys Ed program. I then felt confident in my ability to adapt and help Junior succeed because of what I have learned and know!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring is in the air.. So lets get out and move!

Although it was only 30 degrees outside, it is Spring. Most of the snow is disappearing which means more opportunities to get out and be active and I definitely enjoy being outside instead of indoors.
I wanted to share my love with being outside with Junior so I suggested we go down to the local SPCA and walk some dogs. Junior said he loves dogs so I explained that we could have fun playing with dogs and being active at the same time. It turned out to be almost too easy to volunteer and walk a dog, they friendly and trusting people at the SPCA just handed a dog over to us as long as I as the adult held onto the leash the entire time. They didn't even ask me for a name so thankfully they are trusting individuals.

We decided to walk a medium sized terrier named Woody as you can see in the pictures. We had a blast as Junior was chasing after Woody and Woody chased after him. I've never seen Junior run for as long of a period of time as he did with Woody. He was having so much fun but he did admit he was getting tired after about 20 minutes. It was also still on the chilly side so we went back to the SPCA and checked out some of the other dogs including the new puppies!

The puppies were addorable and Junior just kept saying how much he loved playing with dogs. We saw some of the other older dogs and we got to give them treats. We are definitely going back again because Junior loved it so much and he enjoyed running with Woody which can be a great form of exercise and activity!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Working Out on a Snow Day!

First thing Junior let me know when I saw him for the first time since Spring Break is that school was canceled today! The second thing he told me is that he worked out with his nephew by doing some push ups because he had the whole day off. I was so happy to hear that he is trying to workout at home and he is sharing exercise with his nephew. The next thing I asked him was if he works out everyday and he replied that it is tough when he has school work. My next objective is to get him to find time everyday to be active!

Junior made me feel bad that I hadn't seen him in more than a week because I was home for break and told me he missed me. Then after talking a bit he asked if I could take him to get a video game disc cleaned at the video store which was very good planning on his part! I said if we had a good workout and bowling session I would take him! A a good session we had!!!

We started off with a game I call "Clean Your Room" in which the gym was split into half so there was my room and his room. There were bean bags scattered everywhere and in order to clean your room and make the other player's messy, you had to use a bowling motion to bowl the bean bags to the other side. Junior really enjoyed the game and was able to practice his bowling form at the same time. I helped him make the connection between how we were bowling the bean bags and real bowling. I then asked him to show me his push ups he has been working on and we also played the quick hands game in the push up position with the bean bags as in the picture above.

We finished our workout with practicing modified bowling. Using empty water bottles as pins and my Gaelic football as the ball, we practiced bowling from different distances. Junior did an excellent job by being able to knock down all the pins in one shot from the furthest distance!

By this point Junior was ready to get his game cleaned and I agreed to take him. At the video store, I noticed that socially he is pretty well mannered. He told me he enjoys being polite by asking people how they are doing and wishing them a nice day. He says please and thank you often and I am going to continue to encourage him to keep up his polite manners. Sometimes I remind him to say thank you when he is so excited that he forgets to say it, but as soon as I remind him he says "oh yes, I like being polite!" I was very happy to hear that over spring break he went bowling with his mother and grandmother which is outstanding. Part of my goal for Junior was to engage in an activity he can do with his family and it is great to hear that they are going together. They even told me that he bowled a strike which is the first time since we started that he bowled a strike on a regulation lane! Bowling does cost money but it is nice to see that when they can afford it and have the time to go bowling, that they enjoy going. They want me to come with the whole family some time on the weekend which is an excellent idea!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hanging at the Youth Center

On Wednesday, I took Junior to the Cortland Youth Bureau's Youth Center to check out what goes on there because I figured it could be a place for Junior to Socialize with others. The Youth Center doesn't quite have structured activities but it is a safe place for kids just to hang out, watch tv, play pool/ping-pong/foosball, listen to music, play video games and they even offer either snacks or dinner for free.

There were about a dozen teens in there when we got there at 7 and although Junior didn't know any of them, one girl recognized him from school. It seems like it will be hard to break old habits because as soon as we got in there Junior wanted to play his video games and watch a movie. I tried to get him to play foosball with the other kids but he said he just wanted to hang with me and show me his movies. He really seemed to be enjoying it so I figured I would let him watch the movie for a short bit. Then I convinced him that we could watch TV or play video games anytime, but how often will we have foosball so we played each other for a while.

As we were talking, he told me that somebody called him the "r" word at school today and it hurt his feelings. I was so upset to hear that but I talked to him about how he has to ignore those people and their name calling. He said he let a teacher know and I said that was good and I told him when people call me names, I know they are the immature ones that are not worth my time because they are not my friends. I think this may be why he just wanted to play with me and not the other kids in the center. The next time we go I'd like to bring his friend, who is also his neighbor, with us because he seems like somebody Junior can hang out with during their free time. I'm trying to encourage Junior to get out of his house and play with his friend instead of staying inside all day.

On our drive home we were talking more and I found out he doesn't know how to ride a bike so maybe we can work on that as the weather gets nicer. I just need to find a bike to borrow. The best part of the night was juniors last few words to me. We were talking about our futures and I was telling Junior how I need to find a job soon. Junior told me that I should get a job in Cortland and live in Cortland so I can be closer to him. He told me that if anything went wrong or if I needed anything, he could be there for me. He said he has my back and that put the biggest smile on my face and I told him I have his back too!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Junior getting "Kinected"

This past Sunday, Junior and I spent about 2 and a half hours together so we got a lot accomplished. His family was going out to eat for a bit so I agreed to hang out with Junior a little longer so they could have some time to themselves.
We started off going bowling and I can see that Junior can remember the cues I am giving him to help with his bowling technique but he is having difficulty executing the skills. I asked him to help me with my form and he knew the cues as he was correcting my form! However, when he tries to bowl, he struggles to execute the skill. I want to find a foam bowling ball that is very light that we could use to practice his form in the gym. I think that when he gets the total form down with the foam ball, it will be an easier transition to the real game.
Junior is constantly talking about playing xbox 360 video games so I asked him if he heard about "xbox kinect." Kinect is a form of Exergaming in which your body is the controller. Kinect is "full body gaming" so players are constantly moving while playing games. The system is incredible, check out my video below and Kinect's website for more info.
Junior had no idea about Kinect and I was shocked, so I took him to my apartment and let him play the game. We were playing Rallyball and a River Raft, part of "Kinet Adventures" and junior was loving it (Those games are the first two pictured in the video below). Both of us were jumping up and down, swinging our arms and legs, and working up a sweat in no time. Junior fatigues easily but he was having lots of fun. I am definitely going to play it with him again in the future because I know he loves his games so it would be better for him to play video games that get him active. If you haven't tried Kinect yourself, I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eye Opening Night

Tonight I had planned to get a good workout in with Junior and practice his bowling technique, but things didn't go as smooth as planned. Junior hasn't had the best past and tonight he shared a few stories with me demonstrating this. It breaks my heart to hear this innocent 15 year old talk about his hardships as if they are totally normal.

Junior was distracted tonight because somebody broke into his house the previous day. We began our session with just walking around Park Center and talking. Junior didn't want to work out right away, but we talked about other activities we could do in the warmer weather such as volunteer at the SPCA to walk dogs which he really seems interested in. I wanted to get his mind off things and just enjoy himself. We checked out some of the rec sports going on and he liked to cheer on everyone!

As we walked around he found some money on the floor. I suggested we go try to see if anyone around lost the money and Junior agreed. I was very proud to hear him agree. We asked around and nobody said they lost the money. I then suggested that if nobody claims the money, he could use the money for nights we go bowling so Junior asked me to hold the money and save it for bowling.

We eventually got to work on his bowling technique and I am happy to see that he is improving with stepping with opposition and releasing the ball with his palm up. We even made a handshake to celebrate a good shot. I used the handshake for multiple purposes; to establish a personal bond, to motivate and to use as positive reinforcement. Junior started off the night not wanting to go to the gym but in the end he was having a great time and I am seeing how important and valuable my time with Junior is. He wanted a copy of the Cortland Phys Ed Club newsletter because there was a student spotlight section about me and had my picture in it. He wanted to show it to his friends and when I heard him say that, I felt that all my time with Junior is worth every second.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Early Progess and 2 Turkeys

I have been telling a few of my friends about how much fun I am having being Junior's mentor and they wanted to meet him. So this past Wednesday, Junior, a few of my friends and I went bowling at the local bowling alley.

It was interesting to see how Junior would approach my friends because his parents want him to stop talking to strangers, so at first he did not say hello until I introduced him to them which was excellent! As we began bowling I was happy to see that Junior wanted to try bowling with one hand right away. He still releases the ball with his palm down but he was stepping with opposition (as pictured above). There were some occasions when we would bowl with two hands.

During the game, every time Junior would bowl with a certain ball, the ball would roll into the right lane like it was oddly weighted to go right every time. After closer inspection of the ball, there was a crack in the ball and I'm guessing that may have had something to do with it. Before we switched the ball out, Junior bowled the shot of the day as he volunteered to pick up a spare for me. The #10 pin was the only one left standing on the far right side and Junior bowled the ball towards the left but at the perfect time it curved and knocked down the pin! He was so excited to pick up the spare and requested that I tell his mom!

That game must have been my best game in a long time since I bowled a 190 with two turkeys (3 consecutive strikes). I ended the game with a turkey in the tenth frame. One of Juniors goals is to bowl a turkey and it was cool for him to see me get one because he knows it is possible. I think it will motivate him to work harder. I explained to him how I bowled a lot better this time because our practice was improving my game so the more we played the better we would get. I also mentioned how I had a great score because he helped me pick up that key spare!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting to work - Project DREAM

This past Sunday, Junior and I went to the racquetball courts in park center to start getting really active! My plan was for Junior to play some racquetball to work on some cardio, then we played a variety of small games to work on his muscular strength and endurance, and we finished with working on his bowling technique.

When we began playing racquetball, it became apparent to me just how badly Junior needs to increase his activity. Within 5 minutes of playing, Junior said he was tired, his arm was tired and I could hear him breathing heavy. So we would play but take frequent breaks for water. We played with modified rules because as long as Junior is playing, staying active, and enjoying himself, I don't mind tweaking the rules.

We moved onto a variety of reaction time games that incorporated a variety of exercises. Using two different color bean bags between Junior and myself we would do either a sit up, a push up, a lunge, or jumps before we could grab the correct bag. Junior enjoyed this game and I was able to disguise fitness during the process.

We ended the day by working on his bowling technique focusing on using one hand with the the palm facing up and stepping with opposition. We simply used empty water bottles and my Gaelic Football which is slightly heavier than a soccer ball. I was impressed to see Junior get stepping with opposition down and being able to bowl with his palm up. We still need to work on releasing the ball close to the floor so its more of a roll instead of an underhand throw which can damage a bowling alley with a real ball. We finished the day on a Junior strike using our modified bowling alley!

Junior has told me he wants to go to the weight room to work on his strength and I have to check and see if we can get that arranged for him. He really enjoyed himself and told me he was going to bed early that night because he knows he was going to be warn out from all this exercising. I smiled and told him he needs to get good sleep, eat healthy and keep exercising because they more he is active, the harder it will be for him to get worn out. In the future we can discuss good nutrition.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Figuring out our DREAM

This past Wednesday, Junior and I went for our first one on one session and since bowling is a good activity he can do with his family, I decided to take him to the local bowling alley. My plan was to get better acquainted with Junior, explain Project DREAM more and assess his bowling skills. When I picked up Junior, he just came home from going out to eat with another mentor and his first words put a smile on my face! Junior comes home and says, "Wow, I'm having a busy day!" so from then on, we got right to it.

As we bowled, Junior said he wanted the bumpers up so I put them up for him. As I mentioned in my first post, Junior is thin and fairly weak for his age. We got him a very light ball and I asked him to bowl one handed for me. When he bowls with one hand he releases with his palm facing down as opposed to facing up so he has to learn how to bowl with his hand starting in the supine position. After a few attempts I let him bowl with two hands. So we are definitely going to work on his form and strength.

Junior didn't make it to our Project DREAM opening night but on Wednesday, I was able to explain how he had to come up with a physical activity dream and after explaining how we need to set a goal, Junior decided his dream is to bowl a "turkey" or 3 strikes in a row. His other dream is to get stronger so we will later quantify what getting stronger means. I was glad to hear that he wants to play with other kids and I know he has a friend in the program so I'm planning to set up some sessions with his friend.

I'm meeting with Junior again this weekend and we are going to the racquetball courts to play some games, work on his fitness and strength, and his bowling technique. Over the course of this semester we are going to work on his bowling technique, bowling etiquette, strength, playing with his peers and also getting Junior to refrain from talking to strangers. I had a blast hanging with Junior and I'm really looking forward to being his mentor this semester! He bowled an 88 that night with the bumpers up and I mentioned that was the year I was born. Juniors response was, "Does that make you an immigrant?" I couldn't help it and I laughed while he explained that is when the immigrants came but I clarified to him how people can immigrate to America years ago, last week, yesterday, today or tomorrow! That's just a small example of the good times we shared of many to come!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project D.R.E.A.M.

A big part of this semesters work will be my role in Project D.R.E.A.M. where DREAM stands for Diverse Recreational and Educational Activities Mentor-ship Program. My classmates of Adapted Physical Activity and Individual Differences and I will be mentoring a student from the local community ages 13-21. We will be helping our mentee's achieve a physical activity DREAM of theirs by working with the student at least 2 hours a week for a total of 20 hours. I will be using the "PE Giving Tree" blog to document this awesome journey. This journey began with an inventory report in which I spent an hour at my students house, getting to know the student.

To maintain confidentiality, I will refer to my student as "Junior." If you just took a look at my inventory report above by following the link, you would realize Junior is 15 years old, has ADHD and is on the Autism spectrum but is very high functioning. Junior was unable to decide on a DREAM goal but I have some ideas from talking with him and his family during the inventory report. Bowling is something he can do with his family and he enjoys racquetball. Since Junior is very small for his age and doesn't have much muscle mass, I really want to get him moving and supporting his body weight in various ways to increase strength. I'm leaning towards one day a week of bowling and one day a week in the racquetball courts playing games while working on muscular strength and fitness activities Junior could perform on his own. This week I will be taking Junior to the bowling alley to assess his bowling skills and to have an enjoyable evening so I can get to know him better, figure out a DREAM and explain how we are going to achieve that dream!

Junior is an extremely lovable person. He is extremely friendly and wants to know everybody's name and he will remember them too. I can tell he just wants to get out and have a fun time. I am going to show him how various forms of physical activity are really good times especially when he plays with friends. I am so excited to be his mentor and keep a look out for bi-weekly updates of our journey!
(A few of the Project Dream Mentors at Opening Night)