Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PE Teachers Need to Adapt

Many PE teachers are aware that they need to be able to adapt. On a daily basis, lessons are probably not going to run as planned. On Saturday, Junior and I planned on going to the SPCA to walk some dogs. Junior really enjoys playing with animals. Junior has never run around as much as when we were walking the dog Woody. Saturday also turned out to be the nicest day of the Spring semester so far so it was a perfect opportunity to get outside and be active with some dogs.

However, when we got to the SPCA there weren't any dogs, what a total bummer! We definitely wanted to be outside so I quickly thought on my feet and we decided to take about a 2 mile jog/walk to the waterworks and feed the ducks and deer. Once we got to the waterworks I really noticed how much Junior enjoys being around animals. He was having a blast and laughing the entire time as we threw some crackers to the ducks. He talks about his pet bird all the time, loves walking the dogs, and really enjoyed our walk to the Waterworks pond.

Fortunately there is a fundraiser at Strawberry Fields Ranch on Sunday April 17th! At the fundraiser participants can get pony rides and interact with the horses so I am extremely excited for Junior. I don't think he has ever had an opportunity like this and I think he is really going to enjoy it. He has told me he is excited but slightly scared about riding a horse so I am interested in how things will turn out. I am believe Junior will get up on a horse even if he is nervous at first. Junior has really enjoyed working with animals in the past although they have been on a smaller scale. I am really excited for Junior to experience this opportunity and to see how the day unfolds.

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