Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last One, Lab D

Last week I taught my last lesson in EDU 255 on Dance Dance Revolution. This lesson was the culmination of everything I had learned throughout the course of the semester. And it is a safe bet to say I learned a lot, just look at the difference from my first lesson, to my last and the steps I took in between. This lesson was the first time I had to write a lesson plan which I believe helped a lot in the planning of my lesson and the actual teaching of my lesson. The lesson plan laid out everything I was going to do during the lesson. I think my lesson went very smooth. The activity progression sheet also helped. I felt much more confident teaching this lesson, then I had in my previous lessons. The only thing that bothered me was skipping my instant activity which I was excited to do, and then cutting my lesson a little short because of time constraints, so my lesson was about 12 minutes and 40 seconds instead of 15 minutes. I think it may have thrown off my time coding sheet a little bit because I cut out the activity time involved in the instant activity and the last activity I planned to do, "Lord of the Dance Pads". However as teachers, our environment can always change and we have to adapt. I think I adapted pretty well to the changes. It is a little hard to hear my feedback to the students due to the music and the fact that I didn't have a microphone on, however I did the best I could on my feedback form from memory and the video. I gave feedback to the class as a whole and to more than half the class individually. I used names, tried to stay as positive as possible and gave feedback congruent with my cues and tasks. I also filled out my own C-9 form for the first time and I think I hit almost all the spots. I think the only thing I missed was my timing. I had some waiting time in between songs which I wish I could have avoided. I don't think some waiting time is bad because students might need some rest in between dances, however I still wish I didn't have as much. I think I handled my behavioral issues pretty well because I noticed the problems relatively early and got my students back on task. Below is a quick clip of me handling one of the behavioral issues. Over all I am happy with this lesson, I really enjoyed teaching it. I've had so much fun in EDU 255 through out the semester and I learned so much! It has been an awesome experience learning from Dr. Yang, the lab assistants, and even my classmates.

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