Thursday, May 7, 2009

Helping the Communty and Helping Myself

Through out the course of the spring semester, Dr. Yang had asked us to complete 10 hours of community service in which we had to apply teaching and communication principles to real world settings. The community service requirement was designed to help us practice and further develop the skills we will need as teachers. As a member of SUNY Cortland's Alliance of Physical Education Majors, I had several opportunities to volunteer. I participated in two "Teen Nights" at the YMCA and also the "Hoops for Heart" basketball tournament. I also helped Dr. Yang set up and explain various Exergames on campus as well as at the National AAHPERD conference in Tampa Bay Florida. I went above the 10 hour requirement because I was actually benefiting myself as well as helping others. Working at Teen Night was just like teaching P.E. to students. We were in charge of the safety of the children as well as teaching them various games and activities. Teen Night was tons of fun, I taught kids DDR, basketball, Frisbee, Kan Jam and more. The "Hoops for Heart" tournament wasn't as much of a teaching gig, but I had to use my management and communication skills to maintain order and run the tournament smoothly. Working with the Exergames was very useful as well because I got to practice setting up and using the equipment so I can set the equipment up on my own. I also got to teach how to use Exergames and the benefits to those who have never experienced Exergames. I think the community service requirement is a very important element to the Basics of Effective Instruction in P.E. class. One, we are helping out the community and others. But we are also helping out ourselves. We need as much practice as we can get to be good teachers and the community service serves as real life practice. I had fun doing the community service and made many friends in the process.

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