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PED 255 Final Project Part 1: "Brain Gains"

Section A) watch video and read articles (see links below)

Section B) Respond to questions
Where is the web-site from? Where in the world? Which country? Do you know where it is on a map? Describe it.
The website that broad casted the video, "Brain Gains", is CBC News which is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Therefore, the story is based in City Park Collegiate High School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada which is in North America. On the map Saskatoon is relatively in the Center of Canada, slightly towards the southern border and is above Montana in the United States.

What do you think about this news piece....interesting...why or why not?
I found this news piece incredibly interesting. The turn around students at City Park made was phenomenal to hear about. The piece also opened up my eyes to new concepts I never realized before. I had always known physical activity increases fitness and energy levels, relieves stress, makes people feel good, but I never thought it could improve academic performance. However, it makes sense, physical activity can allow people to be better focused and therefore better situated to learn. My entire life I have been extremely active and it is probably a big factor that allows me to succeed in school. I like this piece because it can reinforce the need for physical education as long as physical education is done right.

Why wasn’t the PE teacher involved with City Park Collegiate experiment?
I don't think the PE teacher was involved because this was a study being done mainly on aerobic activity being conducted in a classroom setting and how it affects academic performance. There wasn't really a need to educate the students in sport skills, they were either running or biking to keep their heart rate elevated. I'd say most students were familiar with those skills already and Ms. Cameron was able to handle the situation. Also in some PE classes, teachers are not able to get full participation all the time and this study needed the students to be constantly active so their heart rates were between 65 - 75% of their max heart rate for 20 minutes.
What are the outcomes of the program?
The outcomes of the program were tremendous. As Ms. Cameron said herself, "Wildly Successful!" On average, her students gained a full grade level when using physical activity. The 2 students featured in the piece made vast improvements in academic performance, behavior, and a better outlook on life. Her students' fitness levels improved, push ups by 227%, sit ups by 224%, and the sit and reach by 21%. Body mass index also decrease by 5%. In the class room, their fluency and comprehension increased, they scored over 27% higher on 3 different language arts tests and math improved as well.

Are these outcomes similar to our New York State PE Standards? Explain your answer by giving details and examples, while comparing and contrasting.
I think the outcomes are fairly similar to the NY state PE standards. The study stressed physical activity, however I couldn't tell from the piece if students were tested on their knowledge and skills to maintain physical fitness. Also I do not know for sure if Ms. Cameron instructed her students on how to manage their resources to continue their quest for physical fitness outside of her classroom. However, I'm sure those students are always welcome to use the equipment at school. As for standard 1, "
Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health" I think the students did learn how aerobic activity can help them improve their fitness and health levels. However, the students were only limited to running on treadmills and bike machines. As for standard 2, "Students will acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment" I think a healthy environment is always the goal at City Park Collegiate and those students wee participating in the safe and healthy environment. I think its safe to assume they learned what is safe and healthy and what is not. Just look at Barnie' s future outlook at the end of the news piece. The last standard, "Students will understand and be able to manage their personal and community resources" is where I think things could have gotten shaky. I assume the students are always welcome at City Park Collegiate but I could not tell if they were being educated on activities they could pursue on their own time.

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