Monday, February 28, 2011

Early Progess and 2 Turkeys

I have been telling a few of my friends about how much fun I am having being Junior's mentor and they wanted to meet him. So this past Wednesday, Junior, a few of my friends and I went bowling at the local bowling alley.

It was interesting to see how Junior would approach my friends because his parents want him to stop talking to strangers, so at first he did not say hello until I introduced him to them which was excellent! As we began bowling I was happy to see that Junior wanted to try bowling with one hand right away. He still releases the ball with his palm down but he was stepping with opposition (as pictured above). There were some occasions when we would bowl with two hands.

During the game, every time Junior would bowl with a certain ball, the ball would roll into the right lane like it was oddly weighted to go right every time. After closer inspection of the ball, there was a crack in the ball and I'm guessing that may have had something to do with it. Before we switched the ball out, Junior bowled the shot of the day as he volunteered to pick up a spare for me. The #10 pin was the only one left standing on the far right side and Junior bowled the ball towards the left but at the perfect time it curved and knocked down the pin! He was so excited to pick up the spare and requested that I tell his mom!

That game must have been my best game in a long time since I bowled a 190 with two turkeys (3 consecutive strikes). I ended the game with a turkey in the tenth frame. One of Juniors goals is to bowl a turkey and it was cool for him to see me get one because he knows it is possible. I think it will motivate him to work harder. I explained to him how I bowled a lot better this time because our practice was improving my game so the more we played the better we would get. I also mentioned how I had a great score because he helped me pick up that key spare!

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