Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting to work - Project DREAM

This past Sunday, Junior and I went to the racquetball courts in park center to start getting really active! My plan was for Junior to play some racquetball to work on some cardio, then we played a variety of small games to work on his muscular strength and endurance, and we finished with working on his bowling technique.

When we began playing racquetball, it became apparent to me just how badly Junior needs to increase his activity. Within 5 minutes of playing, Junior said he was tired, his arm was tired and I could hear him breathing heavy. So we would play but take frequent breaks for water. We played with modified rules because as long as Junior is playing, staying active, and enjoying himself, I don't mind tweaking the rules.

We moved onto a variety of reaction time games that incorporated a variety of exercises. Using two different color bean bags between Junior and myself we would do either a sit up, a push up, a lunge, or jumps before we could grab the correct bag. Junior enjoyed this game and I was able to disguise fitness during the process.

We ended the day by working on his bowling technique focusing on using one hand with the the palm facing up and stepping with opposition. We simply used empty water bottles and my Gaelic Football which is slightly heavier than a soccer ball. I was impressed to see Junior get stepping with opposition down and being able to bowl with his palm up. We still need to work on releasing the ball close to the floor so its more of a roll instead of an underhand throw which can damage a bowling alley with a real ball. We finished the day on a Junior strike using our modified bowling alley!

Junior has told me he wants to go to the weight room to work on his strength and I have to check and see if we can get that arranged for him. He really enjoyed himself and told me he was going to bed early that night because he knows he was going to be warn out from all this exercising. I smiled and told him he needs to get good sleep, eat healthy and keep exercising because they more he is active, the harder it will be for him to get worn out. In the future we can discuss good nutrition.

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