Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lab A2 - Teaching Soccer 2nd Time Around

On Monday, I retaught my soccer lesson on the push pass. Overall I thought my lesson was a big improvement from my first attempt, however I think I still need to to get used to the "shotgun" method. My second lesson was planned better and much more organized. I had better enthusiasm and control over the class. I had a better demo, cues, visual aids, checked for understanding and my activity was better. Instead of being involved in the activity by being a student's partner, I was able to walk around, assess and give feedback. My feedback was a huge improvement, I was able to give individual feedback that was simple, specific and congruent to the task to several students. I was also able to use intratask variation by seeing how the students were doing and adjust the activity for them. I didn't have to simplify the activity for anyone. I started off asking a few students to try their weak foot and eventually the whole class was able to try their weak foot. I realized that I forgot to mention a safety statement and pinpoint which I planned on doing but I think I left them out because the "shotgun" method is still new to me.
On Wednesday, we went over the time coding sheet which I used for this lesson. By doing the time coding sheet I saw how much time my lesson is instruction, management, activity or waiting time. My instruction and management time were a little longer than they should have been and the activity time was a little short. If I can fix those problems my lesson will be more efficient and beneficial for the students.

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