Monday, March 7, 2011

Junior getting "Kinected"

This past Sunday, Junior and I spent about 2 and a half hours together so we got a lot accomplished. His family was going out to eat for a bit so I agreed to hang out with Junior a little longer so they could have some time to themselves.
We started off going bowling and I can see that Junior can remember the cues I am giving him to help with his bowling technique but he is having difficulty executing the skills. I asked him to help me with my form and he knew the cues as he was correcting my form! However, when he tries to bowl, he struggles to execute the skill. I want to find a foam bowling ball that is very light that we could use to practice his form in the gym. I think that when he gets the total form down with the foam ball, it will be an easier transition to the real game.
Junior is constantly talking about playing xbox 360 video games so I asked him if he heard about "xbox kinect." Kinect is a form of Exergaming in which your body is the controller. Kinect is "full body gaming" so players are constantly moving while playing games. The system is incredible, check out my video below and Kinect's website for more info.
Junior had no idea about Kinect and I was shocked, so I took him to my apartment and let him play the game. We were playing Rallyball and a River Raft, part of "Kinet Adventures" and junior was loving it (Those games are the first two pictured in the video below). Both of us were jumping up and down, swinging our arms and legs, and working up a sweat in no time. Junior fatigues easily but he was having lots of fun. I am definitely going to play it with him again in the future because I know he loves his games so it would be better for him to play video games that get him active. If you haven't tried Kinect yourself, I highly recommend it!

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