Thursday, March 24, 2011

Working Out on a Snow Day!

First thing Junior let me know when I saw him for the first time since Spring Break is that school was canceled today! The second thing he told me is that he worked out with his nephew by doing some push ups because he had the whole day off. I was so happy to hear that he is trying to workout at home and he is sharing exercise with his nephew. The next thing I asked him was if he works out everyday and he replied that it is tough when he has school work. My next objective is to get him to find time everyday to be active!

Junior made me feel bad that I hadn't seen him in more than a week because I was home for break and told me he missed me. Then after talking a bit he asked if I could take him to get a video game disc cleaned at the video store which was very good planning on his part! I said if we had a good workout and bowling session I would take him! A a good session we had!!!

We started off with a game I call "Clean Your Room" in which the gym was split into half so there was my room and his room. There were bean bags scattered everywhere and in order to clean your room and make the other player's messy, you had to use a bowling motion to bowl the bean bags to the other side. Junior really enjoyed the game and was able to practice his bowling form at the same time. I helped him make the connection between how we were bowling the bean bags and real bowling. I then asked him to show me his push ups he has been working on and we also played the quick hands game in the push up position with the bean bags as in the picture above.

We finished our workout with practicing modified bowling. Using empty water bottles as pins and my Gaelic football as the ball, we practiced bowling from different distances. Junior did an excellent job by being able to knock down all the pins in one shot from the furthest distance!

By this point Junior was ready to get his game cleaned and I agreed to take him. At the video store, I noticed that socially he is pretty well mannered. He told me he enjoys being polite by asking people how they are doing and wishing them a nice day. He says please and thank you often and I am going to continue to encourage him to keep up his polite manners. Sometimes I remind him to say thank you when he is so excited that he forgets to say it, but as soon as I remind him he says "oh yes, I like being polite!" I was very happy to hear that over spring break he went bowling with his mother and grandmother which is outstanding. Part of my goal for Junior was to engage in an activity he can do with his family and it is great to hear that they are going together. They even told me that he bowled a strike which is the first time since we started that he bowled a strike on a regulation lane! Bowling does cost money but it is nice to see that when they can afford it and have the time to go bowling, that they enjoy going. They want me to come with the whole family some time on the weekend which is an excellent idea!

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